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What is Bee Bread?

What is Bee Bread?

Bee Bread is a fermented mixture of bee pollen, bee saliva (lactic acid bacteria) and honey from inside a beehive.

Bee bread is known under other different names such as perga or ambrosia.

Bee Bread has a slightly different composition than bee pollen as the honey bees add honey and bee secretions to the pollen to make a highly nutritious protein source for the hive. Bee Bread is the basis of food in the hive and worker honey bees use this nutrimental Bee Bread to feed larvae and young bees early on.

Honey bees do not consume their freshly collected pollen. They carry it into the beehive and pack the pollen granules into empty honeycomb cells, adding and combining them with nectar and digestive secretion fluids and sealing the cell with a drop of honey. One sealed, the mixture is subjected to lactic fermentation, which takes around 90 days. Herewith, the bee pollen maintains its stability indefinitely and this is how a bee bread produced.

Bee Bread’s nutritional value increases due to the fermentation process performed by worker bees. This fermentation process not only assures that it will last while, but it also increases the bioavailability of its nutritient as some proteins break down into amino acids, starches metabolize into simple sugars and vitamins become more bio-available.

Fresh bee pollen is high in moisture and protein when first carried into the hive. Inside a beehive, internal temperature is around 37°C which makes the environment ideal for mould growth.  Honey Bees’ secretion fluids are very rich with lactic acid bacteria and it can dominate the bee pollen substrate when mixed together with honey and sealed.


Benefits of Bee Bread

Bee Bread has antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory an antiviral properties. It has three times the antimicrobial and nutritional index of bee pollen. 

Bee Bread is a complex mixture and generally composed of 30% proteins, 25-35% carbs, 1,5-2% lipids and the rest is various nutritional organic compounds such as free aminoacids, vitamins and minerals. Bee Bread is characterized by having very high nutritional value and a rich chemical composition. It also has a high antioxidant activity.

Bee Bread is one of the most valuable superfoods considering its energy rich composition and high concentration of protein.

The exact composition of bee bread is effected by many factors. It can even vary from hour to hour in the same beehive due to worker honey bees gathering pollen. Texture, taste and flavor of Bee Bread are dependent on the flowers and blooms the honey bees get their pollen from.


BEE & YOU offers its own Bee Bread in 90 gr glass jars with no additional ingredients.

Bee Bread is safe for adults and children over 1 year.

Recommended daily consumption for children is 3-4 pieces and for adults is 6-12 pieces. Bee Bread can be consumed directly or added into smoothies, yoghurt and other favorite foods.