BEE & YOU produces its own branded royal jelly, propolis, pollen, honey and other bee products based on its contracted beekeeping business model in order to protect all the rights of beekeepers and serve with the highest quality Bee Propolis products. Contracted beekeeping model is labeled as a business model and all contracts are signed directly with the beekeepers.

   Our mission with this model is twofold: to save the bees by preserving their nature with the supported beekeepers and provide our customers the most natural and safe bee products from the hive.

BEE & YOU has 500 affiliated beekeepers and 150,000 beehives and the numbers keeps counting.

Contracted Beekeeping

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Harvest Time

   Harvesting honey depends on many factors which include region, the time of the year and the bees. Well knowing of geography, period, capping process, bees and hives are the most essential points and require beekeepers to be observant at all steps.

   500 BEE & YOU affiliated beekeepers are supported and controlled by our expert team at every step for the best harvest time to have the highest quality of propolis, royal jelly, honey and other bee products.

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Product Quality

   BEE & YOU bee products have been discovered as a result of rigorous and countless scientific research studies carried by our expert team. All collected bee products are first subjected to our laboratory studies to specify purity and biological activity. Laboratory studies are performing to preserve natural biological activity levels of bee products.

   Therefore, with our dedicated technical team, we offer our customers natural and safe bee products that maintains all nutritious properties from the hive.

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For You and For Your Family

   Natural bee products from hive to your table!

   All steps of producing propolis, royal jelly, honey and other bee products are followed closely and tested in our laboratory to ensure the product quality for you and your loved ones.

   All of BEE & YOU products are ready to be consumed by all family members!

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We Support Beekeepers!

   Bees are amongst the most important insects to humans on Earth.

   Our lives would be much different if bees did not exist. Bees are responsible for pollinating about one-sixth of the flowering plant species worldwide and estimated to provide billions of dollars’ worth of pollination services to farmers worldwide.

   We need bees to fertilise many of our crops.

   As BEE & YOU, we value innovation and species-appropriate beekeeping. That is why we support our beekeepers with materials and equipment. You too are a part of it, with every purchase of BEE & YOU products you support our beekeepers!

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